Sunday, August 24, 2008

Haiku Diary - January 2008

Like a beer in the motherfucking bathtub...

Haiku 1/1/08

Started off proper,
eating good at the potluck
and biking around.

Haiku 1/2

It's windy out. Worrrd.
Work was super-mad wack. Worrrd.
Worked on grad apps. Worrrd.

Haiku 1/3

Got my new glasses
the new prescription is strong
made me off-balance.

Haiku 1/4

Weird dog licks my feet
after eating a dead mouse.
Almitra housesits.

Haiku 1/5

I'll do whatever
Sharon's doing. Except for
like, being a girl.

Haiku 1/6

A healthy balance
of jogging and deep-fried food,
green tea and liquor.

Haiku 1/7

Hail hail laundromat
with your reality shows
Game Boys and fried rice.

Haiku 1/8

Pissed off at my boss
couldn't focus afterwards
ate Korean food.

Haiku 1/9

Grad applications
polishing up my writing
and hoping real hard.

Haiku 1/10

Sat inside writing
until I got cranky and
started deleting.

Haiku 1/11

Think I'm done writing
and not soon enough, my man
driving myself nuts.

Haiku 1/12

I feel like I'm young
and living in the city.

Haiku 1/13

Lil' celebration
because I sent off my first
grad application.

Haiku 1/14

Toughest thing ever:
Lifting weights in boxers while
listening to Queen.

Haiku 1/15

Bed at 9:30.
What am I? Geriatric?
Dreamed about coffee.

Haiku 1/16

The heat is broken.
Rum and spaghetti warm me
five blankets in bed.

Haiku 1/17

Life's a lot better
when you're at work for less than
half your waking hours.

Haiku 1/18

Stuck at work again
open bar compensation
makes no sense at all.

Haiku 1/19

Spent four whole hours
writing about how much I
love the Wu-Tang Clan.

Haiku 1/20

Feels like winter out
went to see Kareem and Myles
ate a meatball sub.

Haiku 1/21

Did more grad school stuff.
Prob'ly won't get in at all.
Waste a few haikus.

Haiku 1/22

Writer's group meeting!
Glad to be at it again.
Ideas already.

Haiku 1/23

Stayed home cooking up
tilapia tacos and
QT with Sharon.

Haiku 1/24

Work release party
questionable buffet food
deflicted tuna.

Haiku 1/25

There were a lot of
serial killer looking dudes
at the metal show.

Haiku 1/26

Cigarette party.
Our parents will never know
just what we're up to.

Haiku 1/27

Two longboard missions
plus a walk to the movies.
Still felt chill all day.

Haiku 1/28

Nine hours at work.
Caught attitude for leaving.
Come on grad school. Please?

Haiku 1/29

Extra hungry and
I don't know why. King fishwich,
donuts, potatoes.

Haiku 1/30

So much I can say.
Describe a scene, make jokes, or
knock out opponents.


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