Monday, August 25, 2008

Haiku Diary - April 2008

You did a half-assed job, maaaaan...

Haiku 4/1

Writing Group meeting
hoping for some May flowers
soaked to the damn bone.

Haiku 4/2

Busting ass at work.
I’m going to Florida
gotta get ahead.

Haiku 4/3

Stone cold rejected
by my number one school choice.
Chicago’s looming.

Haiku 4/4

Up super early
walking dead in Florida
shuffling with the greys.

Haiku 4/5

Did some old folks stuff
and saw giraffes and cougars
in a tourist trap.

Haiku 4/6

In St. Augustine
running into an old friend
and getting rained on.

Haiku 4/7

A delayed flight home
sugary margaritas
doing freelance work.

Haiku 4/8

Tired. Recovering.
Gonna have no life this week
thanks to freelance work.

Haiku 4/9

Finally well-rested
annoyed at work, feeling my oats
gets me through the day.

Haiku 4/10

Did no work at work,
then got my tattoo shaded.
Ouch! Delirious.

Haiku 4/11

Went out to Newark
to see Sharon's video.
Ate lots of hot wings.

Haiku 4/12

A fancy party
only guy in a t-shirt
full of Manhattans.

Haiku 4/13

Topped off that freelance
and chilled for the afternoon,
relaxing my mind.

Haiku 4/14

So, uh, did laundry
and ate leftover black beans
then died in my sleep.

Haiku 4/15

Four years with Sharon so far.
We got a pizza.

Haiku 4/16

Worked on some writing.
Proud of those five syllables
want to use them more.

Haiku 4/17

Beers with an old friend.
Sharon and I stayed up late
finishing "The Wire."

Haiku 4/18

Big margarita
tapping my foot on the train
sugared up my night.

Haiku 4/19

Mashed sweet potatoes
stuffed into whole wheat biscuits
served with some salmon.

Haiku 4/20

Played reggae all day
mediocre Tex-Mex food
grape Dutchmaster wrap.

Haiku 4/21

Dry cleaner is late
pushing onto the subway
meeting is canceled.

Haiku 4/22

Leftover lentils
and up late on a school night,
the week crawling by.

Haiku 4/23

Antsy at my job
leftover lentils again
what the fuck ever.

Haiku 4/24

Chilled hard all night long
fighting off my allergies
full of cheddar sauce.

Haiku 4/25

I hope those cops fry-
getting a way with murder.
Sean Bell RIP.

Haiku 4/26

Astoria train.
Spent more time on the subway
then I did hanging.

Haiku 4/27

Epic housecleaning
then went to my friend Reid's and
biked down to Coney.

Haiku 4/28

Catfish dinner jam.
A full-on nerd convention
talking about books.

Haiku 4/29

This one flew right by
full of writing and cooking
and all the big hits.

Haiku 4/30

Wicked tired, dude.
Started nodding at like ten,
couldn't hardly write.