Saturday, September 20, 2008

Haiku Diary - June 2008

Haiku 6/1

Drove back to Brooklyn
getting passenger sunburn
sleeping through Jersey.

Haiku 6/2

Put in my notice

Haiku 6/3

Work kinda blew by.
Went out to eat with Kareem
drank beer and shot dice.

Haiku 6/4

Slept through my alarm
for a solid half hour.
Sleepy, compounded.

Haiku 6/5

Skillet mac 'n' cheese
sitting on the floor eating
getting mad primal.

Haiku 6/6

Won't focus at work
got my mind going elsewhere
psyched on the future.

Haiku 6/7

Homemade spaghetti
made a terrific mattress
for booze to sleep on.

Haiku 6/8

Sharon's last day here
chilling outside in the heat
just shocked or something.

Haiku 6/9

Getting rid of my
late '90s coffee maker.
My youth is leaving.

Haiku 6/10

Left my job early
took the train straight to the beach
and was there by two.

Haiku 6/11

I miss my Sharon.
Interviewed my replacement
the tables have turned.

Haiku 6/12

Three hour delay
on my flight to Chicago
to apartment hunt.

Haiku 6/13

Got credit info
then played wth Annie's three dogs
and crashed out early.

Haiku 6/14

I keep comparing
Chicago, Brooklyn, Boston.
It gets confusing.

Haiku 6/15

Flight delayed a bit
endless buses and trains home
my own bed felt good.

Haiku 6/16

Packing some boxes
watching a Chevy Chase flick
hanging with the cat.

Haiku 6/17

Packed all my CDs
then my iPod got erased.
No Wu 'til July.

Haiku 6/18

Pizza and beer session
catching buses to and from
tuned out loud neighbors.

Haiku 6/19

Successor training.
I keep saying "Whatever,"
"It doesn't matter."

Haiku 6/20

Last day at my job.
Skipped dinner, drank until one
didn't get misty.

Haiku 6/21

Wake 'n' bake beach trip
Manhattan enchiladas
nap plus ten hours.

Haiku 6/22

Packed up some more stuff
rained like crazy for a bit
made homemade pizza.

Haiku 6/23

Packed boxes all day.
Tacos with TN and Kat
drowned in tequila.

Haiku 6/24

Put things in boxes.
Put rain on my new sneakers.
Put beer in my mouth.

Haiku 6/25

Sold a ton of books
and then, guess what I did?
I packed some boxes!

Haiku 6/26

Almost done packing.
Wish I had two big boxes
for the random shit.

Haiku 6/27

Ate lots of chicken
and got the itis real bad.
Cured it with coffee.

Haiku 6/28

Sharon's back in town!
Guess what we did? Packed a lot!
And plotted ill shit.

Haiku 6/29

Last day in Brooklyn.
Got rained on at the beach and
went to bed early.

Haiku 6/30

Loaded up the truck
full of boxes and dressers.
Another gray hair.

Haiku Diary - May 2008

Haiku 5/1

On a work field trip.
Rooms where they test perfume and
a vat of lipstick.

Haiku 5/2

Evening time jogging
when there's less pollen falling
makes breathing better.

Haiku 5/3

Brainworms from Richmond
played two shows in NYC.
Both were bananas.

Haiku 5/4

I got a massage
but with no funny business!
Still feel like jelly.

Haiku 5/5

It's the fifth of May.
Drank tequila before bed,
and woke up sweating.

Haiku 5/6

Ritzy beer garden
a not-ritzy area
abundant douche chills.

Haiku 5/7

It's been a fast year
sad can feel like yesterday.
Rest in peace, Z-Man.

Haiku 5/8

My tattoo's finished
It's almost in my armpit.
That shit fucking hurt!

Haiku 5/9

Ate lots of cookies
while slacking off on the job
then got high at home.

Haiku 5/10

Sharon's video
coffee'd up in the dark
watching bad ones too.

Haiku 5/11

Copied some more zines
went to "Harold and Kumar"
and cooked yam biscuits.

Haiku 5/12

Ran out of work to
go to a daylight punk show.
We need more of these.

Haiku 5/13

Sharon's out of town
so I got real macho and
saw a musical.

Haiku 5/14

Cleaning out my desk
at home knee-deep in papers
pairing down to move.

Haiku 5/15

So bored at my job
I almost want to work to do
tired of internet.

Haiku 5/16

It's a rainy night
walking to bars stumbling home
dreaming damp and slow.

Haiku 5/17

A bachelor party.
Went to bed when it was light out
closed down a strip club.

Haiku 5/18

Still pretty banged up
and just dragging ass all day.
Took some zines to stores.

Haiku 5/19

Think I got pinkeye
sure I'm sick of my job and
happy for Sharon.

Haiku 5/20

Sharon got me cake.
If you're not down wiith chilling,
then we can't hang out.

Haiku 5/21

Burned some fried chicken
made the whole apartment smell
but made my night rule.

Haiku 5/22

Possible layoffs.
If I'm fired before I quit
I'll be furious.

Haiku 5/23

Baton Rouge guest house
antebellum cinderblocks
no ancestor's screams.

Haiku 5/24

Sweating while i eat
in a barn dancing to soul
watching friends get hitched.

Haiku 5/25

Scooby Doo mansion
full of beignets and whiskey
waiting for the ghosts.

Haiku 5/26

Past Mississippi
kindly Jesus freak sculptures
by a small bayou.

Haiku 5/27

Something must be wrong.
Didn't want to leave the south,
wake from the liquor.

Haiku 5/28

Ten hours at work.
Only catching up because
they pay me hourly.

Haiku 5/29

Packing for Richmond
feel like I just left the south.
Well, eh, whatever.

Haiku 5/30

Perfect Richmond night
running my mouth, filling it
holding down the porch.

Haiku 5/31

Out seeing friends
in the heat, under storm clouds.
Get better, Nathan.