Sunday, August 24, 2008

Haiku Diary - February 2008

Like a velvet glove cast in Bakelite...

Haiku 2/1

Stuck at work 'til 8.
Got tipsy and ordered a
Proclaimers CD.

Haiku 2/2

Caught up on reading
and started a new story.
Hardly put on pants.

Haiku 2/3

Eighth grade me's jealous;
Watching graffiti, skating,
"The Low End Theory."

Haiku 2/4

Walking to the train
full of coffee in flurries
and Mexican jazz.

Haiku 2/5

Full of leftovers
hyped up and manic all day
threatening to rain.

Haiku 2/6

Why are birds singing
with a month of winter left?
It is sixty out...

Haiku 2/7

Went to an art play
and thoroughly enjoyed it,
cos I'm cultural.

Haiku 2/8

Super lazy day
VHS tapes of stand-up
beer on the futon.

Haiku 2/9

Two gin sips away
from starting the dance party.
Three from throwing up.

Haiku 2/10

Oh, consequences.
Machiavellian payback
for Catholic juice.

Haiku 2/11

Fifteen degrees out
and the boiler is broken.
Hard times in NY.

Haiku 2/12

The heat's still broken
at least I can't see my breath
slept in a knit cap.

Haiku 2/13

Slush city nonstop
jacked up on cafe negro
fastest jog ever.

Haiku 2/14

Happy Valentine's!
Cooked like crazy for Sharon
and the heat's back on.

Haiku 2/15

Half day on the job
Chinatown bus to Boston
to walk in the wind.

Haiku 2/16

Walked around all day.
Got drunk with some knucklehead
friends from junior high.

Haiku 2/17

Dreary bus ride home
questionable buffet food
hangover sleep-off.

Haiku 2/18

If the bank is closed
then I shouldn't have to work.
Got Popeye's instead.

Haiku 2/19

It's a full moon out
I can't focus or relax.
Should be out howling.

Haiku 2/20

A lunar eclipse
seen from a windy rooftop
by the rape castle.

Haiku 2/21

Got vegan tapas
and then some beer at an old
Village speakeasy.

Haiku 2/22

Barber school haircuts
dickhead move and penishead hair
what you're paying for.

Haiku 2/23

Got the cabbie lost
with my drunk backseat driving.
My cat scratched my face.

Haiku 2/24

Walked around a lot.
Had drinks with a high school friend.
Tipsy DiGiorno.

Haiku 2/25

Life, laundry, lentils
looped the park, landed some work
lauded for rocking.

Haiku 2/26

Baked some yam biscuits
then went out for a drink.
Starting to like gin.

Haiku 2/27

Bolting for the bus
with a stomach full of food.
Belching Mexican.

Haiku 2/28

Work stacked on my desk
couldn't do street meat Thursday
settled for salad.

Haiku 2/29

Late Friday at work
compensated by drinking
with Neil and Jess.