Sunday, January 4, 2009

2008 Haiku Diary

5-7-5/365 y'all.

Haiku 1/1/08

Started off proper,
eating good at the potluck
and biking around.

Haiku 1/2

It's windy out. Worrrd.
Work was super-mad wack. Worrrd.
Worked on grad apps. Worrrd.

Haiku 1/3

Got my new glasses
the new prescription is strong
made me off-balance.

Haiku 1/4

Weird dog licks my feet
after eating a dead mouse.
Almitra housesits.

Haiku 1/5

I'll do whatever
Sharon's doing. Except for
like, being a girl.

Haiku 1/6

A healthy balance
of jogging and deep-fried food,
green tea and liquor.

Haiku 1/7

Hail hail laundromat
with your reality shows
Game Boys and fried rice.

Haiku 1/8

Pissed off at my boss
couldn't focus afterwards
ate Korean food.

Haiku 1/9

Grad applications
polishing up my writing
and hoping real hard.

Haiku 1/10

Sat inside writing
until I got cranky and
started deleting.

Haiku 1/11

Think I'm done writing
and not soon enough, my man
driving myself nuts.

Haiku 1/12

I feel like I'm young
and living in the city.

Haiku 1/13

Lil' celebration
because I sent off my first
grad application.

Haiku 1/14

Toughest thing ever:
Lifting weights in boxers while
listening to Queen.

Haiku 1/15

Bed at 9:30.
What am I? Geriatric?
Dreamed about coffee.

Haiku 1/16

The heat is broken.
Rum and spaghetti warm me
five blankets in bed.

Haiku 1/17

Life's a lot better
when you're at work for less than
half your waking hours.

Haiku 1/18

Stuck at work again
open bar compensation
makes no sense at all.

Haiku 1/19

Spent four whole hours
writing about how much I
love the Wu-Tang Clan.

Haiku 1/20

Feels like winter out
went to see Kareem and Myles
ate a meatball sub.

Haiku 1/21

Did more grad school stuff.
Prob'ly won't get in at all.
Waste a few haikus.

Haiku 1/22

Writer's group meeting!
Glad to be at it again.
Ideas already.

Haiku 1/23

Stayed home cooking up
tilapia tacos and
QT with Sharon.

Haiku 1/24

Work release party
questionable buffet food
deflicted tuna.

Haiku 1/25

There were a lot of
serial killer looking dudes
at the metal show.

Haiku 1/26

Cigarette party.
Our parents will never know
just what we're up to.

Haiku 1/27

Two longboard missions
plus a walk to the movies.
Still felt chill all day.

Haiku 1/28

Nine hours at work.
Caught attitude for leaving.
Come on grad school. Please?

Haiku 1/29

Extra hungry and
I don't know why. King fishwich,
donuts, potatoes.

Haiku 1/30

So much I can say.
Describe a scene, make jokes, or
knock out opponents.

Haiku 2/1

Stuck at work 'til 8.
Got tipsy and ordered a
Proclaimers CD.

Haiku 2/2

Caught up on reading
and started a new story.
Hardly put on pants.

Haiku 2/3

Eighth grade me's jealous;
Watching graffiti, skating,
"The Low End Theory."

Haiku 2/4

Walking to the train
full of coffee in flurries
and Mexican jazz.

Haiku 2/5

Full of leftovers
hyped up and manic all day
threatening to rain.

Haiku 2/6

Why are birds singing
with a month of winter left?
It is sixty out...

Haiku 2/7

Went to an art play
and thoroughly enjoyed it,
cos I'm cultural.

Haiku 2/8

Super lazy day
VHS tapes of stand-up
beer on the futon.

Haiku 2/9

Two gin sips away
from starting the dance party.
Three from throwing up.

Haiku 2/10

Oh, consequences.
Machiavellian payback
for Catholic juice.

Haiku 2/11

Fifteen degrees out
and the boiler is broken.
Hard times in NY.

Haiku 2/12

The heat's still broken
at least I can't see my breath
slept in a knit cap.

Haiku 2/13

Slush city nonstop
jacked up on cafe negro
fastest jog ever.

Haiku 2/14

Happy Valentine's!
Cooked like crazy for Sharon
and the heat's back on.

Haiku 2/15

Half day on the job
Chinatown bus to Boston
to walk in the wind.

Haiku 2/16

Walked around all day.
Got drunk with some knucklehead
friends from junior high.

Haiku 2/17

Dreary bus ride home
questionable buffet food
hangover sleep-off.

Haiku 2/18

If the bank is closed
then I shouldn't have to work.
Got Popeye's instead.

Haiku 2/19

It's a full moon out
I can't focus or relax.
Should be out howling.

Haiku 2/20

A lunar eclipse
seen from a windy rooftop
by the rape castle.

Haiku 2/21

Got vegan tapas
and then some beer at an old
Village speakeasy.

Haiku 2/22

Barber school haircuts
dickhead move and penishead hair
what you're paying for.

Haiku 2/23

Got the cabbie lost
with my drunk backseat driving.
My cat scratched my face.

Haiku 2/24

Walked around a lot.
Had drinks with a high school friend.
Tipsy DiGiorno.

Haiku 2/25

Life, laundry, lentils
looped the park, landed some work
lauded for rocking.

Haiku 2/26

Baked some yam biscuits
then went out for a drink.
Starting to like gin.

Haiku 2/27

Bolting for the bus
with a stomach full of food.
Belching Mexican.

Haiku 2/28

Work stacked on my desk
couldn't do street meat Thursday
settled for salad.

Haiku 2/29

Late Friday at work
compensated by drinking
with Neil and Jess.

Haiku 3/1

Got pilled the fuck up
and stood outside a nightclub
freezing my ass off.

Haiku 3/2

B65 bus.
We could have walked home and back
for all we waited.

Haiku 3/3

Guess what? It's nice out!
Guess what? I'm in an office!
I'm climate controlled!

Haiku 3/4

Psyched out about school
should be hearing back any day
scared I won't get in.

Haiku 3/5

Ran myself ragged
over the last week or so.
Premium good times.

Haiku 3/6

Wrote all day at work.
Hey, what the hell, I got paid
to be creative.

Haiku 3/7

It's Streetmeat Friday!
The hot sauce was no joke, son.
Our meat's the streetest.

Haiku 3/8

Saw an awning fall
when I was high in the rain.
City Island date.

Haiku 3/9

The Red Hook sunset
supermarket parking lot
big thing of T.P.

Haiku 3/10

Skipped a free rock show
to go and do my laundry.
What happened to me?

Haiku 3/11

Don't slack on your mack.
If you're not down with chilling
then we can't hang out.

Haiku 3/12

Cranking out this zine,
watching it come together,
eating chorizo.

Haiku 3/13

Got some freelance work
editing some filth-flarn-filth
with "sex" in the name.

Haiku 3/14

Got into grad school!
One thing - It’s in Chicago.
Tough decisions soon.

Haiku 3/15

Serious dude date
weed, cheeseburgers, daylight beer
the roof, Prospect Park.

Haiku 3/16

Dicked around the house
thinking about Chicago.
it was dreary out.

Haiku 3/17

Anti St. Patrick’s.
Cooked some Korean food and
didn’t touch a drop.

Haiku 3/18

Got a sweet tattoo
of an angler fish from Myles.
Ill shit from the depths.

Haiku 3/19

Went out with work folks
while coming down with a cold
nodding on the train.

Haiku 3/20

Went to a punk show
saw some old friends, drank whiskey
and secondhand smoked.

Haiku 3/21

Fuckin’ Equinox!
Wind just about crashed my bike
damn winter headcold.

Haiku 3/22

Stupid move alert:
Getting drunk at 5pm
to fight a headcold.

Haiku 3/23

A good tax return
biking around bugging out
nervous energy.

Haiku 3/24

Ill Italian meal
and then walked over the bridge.
New "CSI"s on!

Haiku 3/25

I’m the only March
at the office birthday bash.
They all sang to me.

Haiku 3/26

Made lots of copies
just stacking up my zines like
Lil Wayne stacks paper.

Haiku 3/27

Went to a reading
by an old family friend
for his book release.

Haiku 3/28

I left work early
because I lead a wild life
you don’t understand.

Haiku 3/29

I turned 29
had a fish fry at my place
then saw some burlesque.

Haiku 3/30

Post birthday clean-up.
Guess I’ll wipe the collard greens
off the kitchen wall.

Haiku 3/31

Hank Junior was right
about hangovers hurting
more than they used to.

Haiku 4/1

Writing Group meeting
hoping for some May flowers
soaked to the damn bone.

Haiku 4/2

Busting ass at work.
I’m going to Florida
gotta get ahead.

Haiku 4/3

Stone cold rejected
by my number one school choice.
Chicago’s looming.

Haiku 4/4

Up super early
walking dead in Florida
shuffling with the greys.

Haiku 4/5

Did some old folks stuff
and saw giraffes and cougars
in a tourist trap.

Haiku 4/6

In St. Augustine
running into an old friend
and getting rained on.

Haiku 4/7

A delayed flight home
sugary margaritas
doing freelance work.

Haiku 4/8

Tired. Recovering.
Gonna have no life this week
thanks to freelance work.

Haiku 4/9

Finally well-rested
annoyed at work, feeling my oats
gets me through the day.

Haiku 4/10

Did no work at work,
then got my tattoo shaded.
Ouch! Delirious.

Haiku 4/11

Went out to Newark
to see Sharon's video.
Ate lots of hot wings.

Haiku 4/12

A fancy party
only guy in a t-shirt
full of Manhattans.

Haiku 4/13

Topped off that freelance
and chilled for the afternoon,
relaxing my mind.

Haiku 4/14

So, uh, did laundry
and ate leftover black beans
then died in my sleep.

Haiku 4/15

Four years with Sharon so far.
We got a pizza.

Haiku 4/16

Worked on some writing.
Proud of those five syllables
want to use them more.

Haiku 4/17

Beers with an old friend.
Sharon and I stayed up late
finishing "The Wire."

Haiku 4/18

Big margarita
tapping my foot on the train
sugared up my night.

Haiku 4/19

Mashed sweet potatoes
stuffed into whole wheat biscuits
served with some salmon.

Haiku 4/20

Played reggae all day
mediocre Tex-Mex food
grape Dutchmaster wrap.

Haiku 4/21

Dry cleaner is late
pushing onto the subway
meeting is canceled.

Haiku 4/22

Leftover lentils
and up late on a school night,
the week crawling by.

Haiku 4/23

Antsy at my job
leftover lentils again
what the fuck ever.

Haiku 4/24

Chilled hard all night long
fighting off my allergies
full of cheddar sauce.

Haiku 4/25

I hope those cops fry-
getting a way with murder.
Sean Bell RIP.

Haiku 4/26

Astoria train.
Spent more time on the subway
then I did hanging.

Haiku 4/27

Epic housecleaning
then went to my friend Reid's and
biked down to Coney.

Haiku 4/28

Catfish dinner jam.
A full-on nerd convention
talking about books.

Haiku 4/29

This one flew right by
full of writing and cooking
and all the big hits.

Haiku 4/30

Wicked tired, dude.
Started nodding at like ten,
couldn't hardly write.

Haiku 5/1

On a work field trip.
Rooms where they test perfume and
a vat of lipstick.

Haiku 5/2

Evening time jogging
when there's less pollen falling
makes breathing better.

Haiku 5/3

Brainworms from Richmond
played two shows in NYC.
Both were bananas.

Haiku 5/4

I got a massage
but with no funny business!
Still feel like jelly.

Haiku 5/5

It's the fifth of May.
Drank tequila before bed,
and woke up sweating.

Haiku 5/6

Ritzy beer garden
a not-ritzy area
abundant douche chills.

Haiku 5/7

It's been a fast year
sad can feel like yesterday.
Rest in peace, Z-Man.

Haiku 5/8

My tattoo's finished
It's almost in my armpit.
That shit fucking hurt!

Haiku 5/9

Ate lots of cookies
while slacking off on the job
then got high at home.

Haiku 5/10

Sharon's video
coffee'd up in the dark
watching bad ones too.

Haiku 5/11

Copied some more zines
went to "Harold and Kumar"
and cooked yam biscuits.

Haiku 5/12

Ran out of work to
go to a daylight punk show.
We need more of these.

Haiku 5/13

Sharon's out of town
so I got real macho and
saw a musical.

Haiku 5/14

Cleaning out my desk
at home knee-deep in papers
pairing down to move.

Haiku 5/15

So bored at my job
I almost want to work to do
tired of internet.

Haiku 5/16

It's a rainy night
walking to bars stumbling home
dreaming damp and slow.

Haiku 5/17

A bachelor party.
Went to bed when it was light out
closed down a strip club.

Haiku 5/18

Still pretty banged up
and just dragging ass all day.
Took some zines to stores.

Haiku 5/19

Think I got pinkeye
sure I'm sick of my job and
happy for Sharon.

Haiku 5/20

Sharon got me cake.
If you're not down wiith chilling,
then we can't hang out.

Haiku 5/21

Burned some fried chicken
made the whole apartment smell
but made my night rule.

Haiku 5/22

Possible layoffs.
If I'm fired before I quit
I'll be furious.

Haiku 5/23

Baton Rouge guest house
antebellum cinderblocks
no ancestor's screams.

Haiku 5/24

Sweating while i eat
in a barn dancing to soul
watching friends get hitched.

Haiku 5/25

Scooby Doo mansion
full of beignets and whiskey
waiting for the ghosts.

Haiku 5/26

Past Mississippi
kindly Jesus freak sculptures
by a small bayou.

Haiku 5/27

Something must be wrong.
Didn't want to leave the south,
wake from the liquor.

Haiku 5/28

Ten hours at work.
Only catching up because
they pay me hourly.

Haiku 5/29

Packing for Richmond
feel like I just left the south.
Well, eh, whatever.

Haiku 5/30

Perfect Richmond night
running my mouth, filling it
holding down the porch.

Haiku 5/31

Out seeing friends
in the heat, under storm clouds.
Get better, Nathan.

Haiku 6/1

Drove back to Brooklyn
getting passenger sunburn
sleeping through Jersey.

Haiku 6/2

Put in my notice

Haiku 6/3

Work kinda blew by.
Went out to eat with Kareem
drank beer and shot dice.

Haiku 6/4

Slept through my alarm
for a solid half hour.
Sleepy, compounded.

Haiku 6/5

Skillet mac 'n' cheese
sitting on the floor eating
getting mad primal.

Haiku 6/6

Won't focus at work
got my mind going elsewhere
psyched on the future.

Haiku 6/7

Homemade spaghetti
made a terrific mattress
for booze to sleep on.

Haiku 6/8

Sharon's last day here
chilling outside in the heat
just shocked or something.

Haiku 6/9

Getting rid of my
late '90s coffee maker.
My youth is leaving.

Haiku 6/10

Left my job early
took the train straight to the beach
and was there by two.

Haiku 6/11

I miss my Sharon.
Interviewed my replacement
the tables have turned.

Haiku 6/12

Three hour delay
on my flight to Chicago
to apartment hunt.

Haiku 6/13

Got credit info
then played wth Annie's three dogs
and crashed out early.

Haiku 6/14

I keep comparing
Chicago, Brooklyn, Boston.
It gets confusing.

Haiku 6/15

Flight delayed a bit
endless buses and trains home
my own bed felt good.

Haiku 6/16

Packing some boxes
watching a Chevy Chase flick
hanging with the cat.

Haiku 6/17

Packed all my CDs
then my iPod got erased.
No Wu 'til July.

Haiku 6/18

Pizza and beer session
catching buses to and from
tuned out loud neighbors.

Haiku 6/19

Successor training.
I keep saying "Whatever,"
"It doesn't matter."

Haiku 6/20

Last day at my job.
Skipped dinner, drank until one
didn't get misty.

Haiku 6/21

Wake 'n' bake beach trip
Manhattan enchiladas
nap plus ten hours.

Haiku 6/22

Packed up some more stuff
rained like crazy for a bit
made homemade pizza.

Haiku 6/23

Packed boxes all day.
Tacos with TN and Kat
drowned in tequila.

Haiku 6/24

Put things in boxes.
Put rain on my new sneakers.
Put beer in my mouth.

Haiku 6/25

Sold a ton of books
and then, guess what I did?
I packed some boxes!

Haiku 6/26

Almost done packing.
Wish I had two big boxes
for the random shit.

Haiku 6/27

Ate lots of chicken
and got the itis real bad.
Cured it with coffee.

Haiku 6/28

Sharon's back in town!
Guess what we did? Packed a lot!
And plotted ill shit.

Haiku 6/29

Last day in Brooklyn.
Got rained on at the beach and
went to bed early.

Haiku 6/30

Loaded up the truck
full of boxes and dressers.
Another gray hair.

Haiku 7/1

Got apartment keys,
spent obscene amounts of cash
on food and housewares.

Haiku 7/2

Caught up on some dumps
then jogged down to the lakefront.
Went to bed at 10.

Haiku 7/3

Beer, nachos for lunch.
Sorting out bills and bullshit
weird time difference.

Haiku 7/4

Caved on hot dogs and
biked during fireworks, ducking
stray bottlerockets.

Haiku 7/5

Redpath is in town.
Ate way too much vegan food
my ass paid the price.

Haiku 7/6

Last night for sleeping
on a big pile of blankets.
Moving tomorrow.

Haiku 7/7

Drove the moving truck.
Packed the fucking moving truck.
Filled the apartment.

Haiku 7/8

Unpacked a whole bunch.
And freeballed the whole day long-
even while jogging!

Haiku 7/9

Missed New York a bit
after some temp interviews,
pouting on the train.

Haiku 7/10

Decent interview
toaster oven iron chef
took a reggae jog.

Haiku 7/11

Met some new classmates.
"Married...With Children" fountain
across from my school.

Haiku 7/12

Slip 'n' slide party.
Backyard with a cheeseburger
trying barrel rolls.

Haiku 7/13

Just rested my dogs.
Getting back into biking
is rad but painful.

Haiku 7/14

Got the stove turned on
worked on a little writing
saw a metal show.

Haiku 7/15

Queasy hangover
interview with a midget
losing my damn mind.

Haiku 7/16

Did lots of writing
then winged and made dinner.
It came out awesome.

Haiku 7/17

Fruitful interview.
Got trial August.
Then went to the lake.

Haiku 7/18

Got called in to work
made my first Chicago bucks.
Stayed in broke at night.

Haiku 7/19

Middle aged white dudes
are driving convertibles
all through Chicago.

Haiku 7/20

Caught a chill last night
biking home in the downpour.
Rested up and read.

Haiku 7/21

Hardly left the house.
Dicked around online, half-dressed
and read a whole lot.

Haiku 7/22

Oh the irony.
Reading on insomnia
when sleep's not coming.

Haiku 7/23

Dropped off resumes
at some coffee shops as if
I was still nineteen.

Haiku 7/24

Hung stuff on my walls,
ate five dollar burgers and
played guitars with Seth.

Haiku 7/25

Suburban cookout.
Got drunk, then Neil came to town-
got me drunk again!

Haiku 7/26

Walked with friends in town.
Sweating out the hangover,
full of Elvis toast.

Haiku 7/27

Assorted household
responsiblities and
fun obligations.

Haiku 7/28

Temp job moving files.
It's about as exciting
as you'd imagine.

Haiku 7/29

Moving files again.
Like "American Splendor"
without cool drawings.

Haiku 7/30

Finished my temp job
microwave exploded breakfast
paper cut, sharted.

Haiku 7/31

Feel sick and run down.
Bullshitting around the house
resting up and stuff.

Haiku 8/1

One month in The Chi.
Realized while walking to work.
Things are looking up.

Haiku 8/2

Biked down to the lake
and expected salt water.
Didn't get sticky.

Haiku 8/3

Went to a cookout.
It had an above-ground pool
and pepper poppers.

Haiku 8/4

Siobhan came to town
during the worst thunderstorm.
Sharon's windshield cracked.

Haiku 8/5

Woke up with pinkeye
got lost on my way downtown
they closed the lake beach.

Haiku 8/6

After housecleaning
I went up to the suburbs
to drink sangria.

Haiku 8/7

Actually worked
a full eight hour work day.
I'd do that again.

Haiku 8/8

Recruiter meeting.
Just like the eight other ones.
Papers, promises.

Haiku 8/9

Went to a punk fest
hung like sweat in a basement,
beer in an alley

Haiku 8/10

Made food, took a nap
saw the Meat Puppets outside
and This Is My Fist.

Haiku 8/11

Did some dog walking
lazy through the river park
with a bag of shit.

Haiku 8/12

Worked on some writing
then fucked off all afternoon
and into the night.

Haiku 8/13

The nice little things
my toothpaste was two-for-one
I'm an old man now.

Haiku 8/14

Worked nine-plus hours
walked to some crazy park and
saw some free free jazz.

Haiku 8/15

My sister is in
Hawaii, eloping and
turning twenty-six.

Haiku 8/16

Omelette with sausage
and cauliflower, collards,
fried chicken, taters.

Haiku 8/17

The lake, a punk show.
Crammed in lots of relaxing.
It totally worked.

Haiku 8/18

Worked all day and then
not on the schedule again
until September.

Haiku 8/19

Worked on my writing
until I couldn't see straight,
then read for a while.

Haiku 8/20

Took a long bike ride
to do touristy stuff
downtown in the day.

Haiku 8/21

Making the best of
all these empty afternoons.
Saw outsider art.

Haiku 8/22

Drank some tequila
and smelled a house burning down
then missed the bus home.

Haiku 8/23

Registered for school
pitbull on a trampoline
fire in the lawn.

Haiku 8/24

Ate some eggs and then
went to the lake for a sec.
Topped it off with shrimp.

Haiku 8/25

Sat around broke, bored
feeling sorry for myself,
then saw jazz for free.

Haiku 8/26

Temping for the day.
Supervisor left at three
and I chilled 'til five.

Haiku 8/27

Sold clothes and CDs
ate some leftover meatballs
worked on some writing.

Haiku 8/28

Twelve hour temp gig
helping Niketown swooshbags
go run a 10K.

Haiku 8/29

Overslept big time
and almost missed my flight to
my sister's wedding.

Haiku 8/30

A tasteful take on
a casual reception,
plus hot wing platter.

Haiku 8/31

Hit the Rockaways.
Real beaches have salt water
and loud reggaeton.

Haiku 9/1

No sweat on the flight.
Was greeted at home by a
huge student loan check.

Haiku 9/1

No sweat on the flight.
Was greeted at home by a
huge student loan check.

Haiku 9/2

Long live Nathan Joyce.
You had me convinced you were
gonna beat cancer.

Haiku 9/3

Second day of school.
I'm going wigger this year
so I wore JNCos.

Haiku 9/4

Back to school equals
reintroducing homework
into my schedule.

Haiku 9/5

Night of wandering
to a southside art opening
eating Chinese trays.

Haiku 9/6

Got a new kitten
and he likes our other cat
more than he's liked back.

Haiku 9/7

K-Mart wild goose chase
watching my afternoon fade
blow off coffee steam.

Haiku 9/8

The new kitten's sick
and shitting on both couches.
Not sure about this.

Haiku 9/9

Got woke up by a
screaming 5 a.m. kitten.
He's at the vet now.

Haiku 9/10

Burped eggs while running
then drank too much coffee and
ate Mexican food.

Haiku 9/11

Proofreading then school
didn't see Sharon awake
cat games on the floor.

Haiku 9/12

Got my bike fixed up.
Rain like a motherfucker
kept me from riding.

Haiku 9/13

Housewarming party
lots of beer and fried chicken
and rain seeping in.

Haiku 9/14

Pretty hungover.
Proud to say I can't drink like
I used to back when.

Haiku 9/15

Went to a reading
then worked on my own writing.
No arithmetic.

Haiku 9/16

Ran a few errands,
looking for excuses to
be out in the warmth.

Haiku 9/17

The kitten's farting
and it smells like death and worms
crawling at my feet.

Haiku 9/18

Made a shepherd's pie
and managed to stay awake
through my third night class.

Haiku 9/19

Saw Dillinger 4.
Felt like I was in high school
but in a good way.

Haiku 9/20

Relaxed in the cut
happy because my new zine
got a good review.

Haiku 9/21

Secondhand smoke coughs
singled out for comedy
in the cold A.C.

Haiku 9/22

Got cabin fever
felt strangely on edge all day
was unproductive.

Haiku 9/23

Freelance file's fucked.
On hold with AT+T
for forty minutes.

Haiku 9/24

Ate too much sugar
and woke up feeling my teeth
worn out from grinding.

Haiku 9/25

It's Sharon's birthday!
And I've got work and then class.
Some boyfriend I am.

Haiku 9/26

Slow freelance work day
doing homework at my desk
waiting for the night.

Haiku 9/27

Peanut butter pie
afternoon walking around
Sharon's birthday drinks.

Haiku 9/28

Just felt kinda off
like I wanted to sleep more
but get some shit done.

Haiku 9/29

Drunk couple dancing
knocks into me at Nick Cave.
Gum thrown in her purse.

Haiku 9/30

L'shanah tovah!
Sharon was off work so we
ate deep dish pizza.

Haiku 10/1

Still full from pizza
afternoon doing writing
registered to vote.

Haiku 10/2

Drank plenty root beer
while doing all my homework
and biking to class.

Haiku 10/3

Wrong side of the bed
waiting for late freelance work
getting bit by cats.

Haiku 10/4

Mike Birbiglia.
Neurotic younger brother
doing comedy.

Haiku 10/5

Firm stance against brunch,
but enjoyed that omelette
and extra coffee.

Haiku 10/6

Offered coffee work.
The hours would be shitty
but I can't say no.

Haiku 10/7

Caught in the downpour
soaking my shoes before class
and eating Wendy's.

Haiku 10/8

Doing some freelance
for the "Uncle Buck" high school
out in the suburbs.

Haiku 10/9

Feeling pretty burnt
packing for a weekend trip
involving hot tubs.

Haiku 10/10

Real friendly freelance
a hot tub that won't turn off
bourbon on the floor.

Haiku 10/11

Checked out Madison
ducking fratboys pre-gaming
swinging sledgehammers.

Haiku 10/12

Back to Chicago
could it be feeling like home?
Been here just three months.

Haiku 10/13

Back to the boring
biking out for groceries
cleaning off my desk.

Haiku 10/14

Epic bike flat tire
bumping people on the train
schlepping it back home.

Haiku 10/15

Fucked up Sharon's bike
while out to buy a new bag
cause my old one broke.

Haiku 10/16

More bike debacle
schlepping them both on the train
cyclist Calvary.

Haiku 10/17

Done with the bike shit
ate loads of Mexican food
home in a hail storm.

Haiku 10/18

Longboard flannel jam
root beer-fueled "Gleaming the Cube"
skating A to B.

Haiku 10/19

Spilling ginger ale
on my kitchen floor, eating
skillet mac and cheese.

Haiku 10/20

You can see your breath
on your first venture outside
in the afternoon.

Haiku 10/21

And the heat comes on
hissing and clanking, warning
of winter to come.

Haiku 10/22

Still acclimating
to the Chicago accent
and stifling chuckles.

Haiku 10/23

The first day from hell
would have been tolerable
if asleep by nine.

Haiku 10/24

Freelance day was sweet.
Got paid to see The Mekons
play at a high school.

Haiku 10/25

Went to two parties
fueling my engine with beer
pizza and cupcakes.

Haiku 10/26

Went to the punk shop
and got a Misfits shirt to
wear on Halloween.

Haiku 10/27

Coffeeshop training
I'm totally regressing
twenty one again.

Haiku 10/28

More coffeeshop time
forgot how the smell of grounds
lingers on clothing.

Haiku 10/29

Craving fried chicken
surfing the slow internet
instead of working.

Haiku 10/30

Just going non-stop
from work to homework to school
warehouse bike ride home.

Haiku 10/31

Seth really turned green
so we skipped the party and
ate heaps of fried shrimp.

Haiku 11/1

Drove to Milwaukee.
The sexiest outlet mall
is on the way home.

Haiku 11/2

Computer all day
procrastinating, clicking
going stir crazy.

Haiku 11/3

Finished this freelance
rid of my mental block had
a writing breakthrough.

Haiku 11/4

Up at dawn to vote.
Amazed this is happening
it feels like a dream.

Haiku 11/5

Obama eclipsed
by Jamie Ewing's passing.
Died young, living hard.

Haiku 11/6

Spent all day working
burying my nose in books
covering my thoughts.

Haiku 11/7

Proofread, marked, erased
drew shots, steamed milk, brewed coffee
swept, mopped, wiped...tacos.

Haiku 11/8

Showtime's car got hit
after we had girl's night out
in the wet, raw wind.

Haiku 11/9

Hungover hot mess
listless, useless, slow-going
craving some more sleep.

Haiku 11/10

Amy tattooed me.
The needle kept hitting nerves
making my leg jump.

Haiku 11/11

Once I left the house
it had already got dark
but the rain let up.

Haiku 11/12

Late to the party
and all my friends are wasted
sums up pop culture.

Haiku 11/13

Did lots of writing
that's what I go to school for
and that's what I love.

Haiku 11/14

Got through closing shift
with fried chicken and lotion.
Drank with my classmates.

Haiku 11/15

Saw Bill Cosby with
casino human wreckage.
Still really funny.

Haiku 11/16

Saw video art
on radical history
here in Chicago.

Haiku 11/17

Winter beard day two.
Already leaving slug trails
up in them pantiez.

Haiku 11/18

Drank lots of coffee
walked through my dark neighborhood
ready for winter?

Haiku 11/19

Wind-related names
like "Breezeburg" or "Gustytown"
would do this town well.

Haiku 11/20

Feeling burnt on school
can't focus on my homework
ready for Christmas.

Haiku 11/21

Stupid yuppies talk
about their trip to Ireland
and real estate, natch.

Haiku 11/22

The punk show was cold
security loved their job
the drinks were pricey.

Haiku 11/23

My mom is sixty
her and my Dad are jobless
and I'm worrying.

Haiku 11/24

Back-to-back wing nights.
What the hell was I thinking?
Green tar in the john.

Haiku 11/25

Feeling real restless
need to get some more work done
if I could focus.

Haiku 11/26

Thinking about school
trying too hard to relax
stressing myself out.

Haiku 11/27

Colossal dairy
legendary red jug wine
gigantic stomach.

Haiku 11/28

I wish there was an
military recruiter
at this punk rock bar.

Haiku 11/29

If you mess with me
I'll put clumps of cat litter
in your whiskey cup.

Haiku 11/30

Almost finished with
the Thanksgiving leftovers.
Getting sick of cheese.

Haiku 12/1

Spent the afternoon
watching the city freeze over,
icicles stopping.

Haiku 12/2

Thirteen years ago
my high school punk band played a
battle of the bands.

Haiku 12/3

What a kick-ass day!
Super inspired writing
and Sharon was home.

Haiku 12/4

Long proofreading test.
Grouchy because I'm used to
getting paid for that.

Haiku 12/5

Suburban trek for
Italian beef sandwiches,
freezing train platforms.

Haiku 12/6

Jogging in the snow
procrastinating finals
yuppie pizza jam.

Haiku 12/7

When I go running
it's like recess in grade school
but at double speed.

Haiku 12/8

Coffee job stressing
keep getting petty critiques
"Close like a rock star?!"

Haiku 12/9

Dive bar down by school.
And so much for not drinking on
weeknights after class.

Haiku 12/10

Boiled over shit.
That's how bad sleep makes you feel
after three straight days.

Haiku 12/11

Last day of classes
but I declare fuckery
'cos I still have work.

Haiku 12/12

Wanted to party
fell asleep before midnight
but it sure felt good.

Haiku 12/13

My Grandmother died
and my Dad called it the best
Christmas present yet.

Haiku 12/14

Too much relaxing
balanced out all the homework
and feel full of beer.

Haiku 12/15

Some more sleeping in
making lists of things to do
but not doing them.

Haiku 12/16

On-the-ball returns
productivity is up
checking my lists twice.

Haiku 12/17

Sharon’s gifts to me
are all Wu-Tang Clan approved.
Chess, pull-up bar, soul..

Haiku 12/18

Played guitar at home
forgetting the neighbors and
their shit house music.

Haiku 12/19

Sneaking suspicion
I won't have coffee shop shifts
starting in January.

Haiku 12/20

Rent-a-car fuckers
closed their branch at the airport,
cancelled our rental.

Haiku 12/21

Whole time in the car
on the year's dark, shortest day
the sun going down.

Haiku 12/22

Hanging in Richmond
seeing family and friends.
Had missed the East Coast.

Haiku 12/23

Played out acoustic
for the first time in two years
and had a great time.

Haiku 12/24

It's good to see you.
Yes, it's cold in Chicago
and I'm loving school.

Haiku 12/25

Making drunk snacks and
set off the smoke alarm at
two in the morning.

Haiku 12/26

In the car all day
without visibility
because of the fog.

Haiku 12/27

So fucking sleepy
I spent all day just waiting
to go back to bed.

Haiku 12/28

Crapped away the day
then worked at the coffee shop
where it was real slow.

Haiku 12/29

At two different jobs
jumping right back in after
going out of town.

Haiku 12/30

Made a huge dinner
fell asleep watching "Cosby"
dreamed about Rudy.

Haiku 12/31

When the night includes
bottle rockets, Jack Daniels
and a joint, it's great.