Monday, January 29, 2007

Gullible 27/Blurt 4 Review In Razorcake

Review by Daryl in Razorcake No. 36. Check out for continued good times.

"This zine rules! Both of these guys are great writers and great storytellers with great stories to tell. This issue of Blurt! is really different than the other ones I've read. The writing style has switched to some form of stream of consciousness writing that would have been really easy to do badly, but comes off really well. It's almost like poetry or somethin'. If you're into these kinds of zines, you've probably read these guys' work before, and if you haven't then too bad. Either way, you should definitely get this."

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Gullible/Blurt Split Receives Tepid Review In MRR

Review written by Nick Mangel in Maximum Rock 'n' Roll No. 285 (February 2007)

"Pretty interesting personal split here. Gullible is mainly personal stories, somewhat Cometbus-style, with some stuff about life being on tour, etc. Blurt is all about drinking stories, and some pretty funny ones at that. It probably tells you something about my sense of humor and level of mental development that I found the drinking stories much more engaging. Cool."

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Excerpt From My 2006 Haiku Diary

Haiku 4/1

Two trays of nachos!
This includes three bags of chips,
and four bags of cheese.

Haiku 4/2

Nachos, two new songs,
skateboarding, nice-ass weather,
Jamaican shower.

Haiku 4/3

Sat up late, reading.
And I saw Bobcat Goldthwaite
walking down Broadway.

Haiku 4/4

I crave free time, but
when I get it, why do I
just piss it away?

Haiku 4/5

There's no telling if
I'll want to be creative
when I have the time.

Haiku 4/6

Young bar folks get all
nostalgic for alt-rock songs
I'm too old to like.

Haiku 4/7

Saw The Hold Steady!
Sharon said I was the most
ethnic person there.

Haiku 4/8

Had a hangover.
I gave myself a tattoo
and had some houseguests.

Haiku 4/9

It's between winter
and the allergy season.
A grace period.

Haiku 4/10

Did you ever drink
bourbon from hollow chocolate
Easter Bunny heads?

Haiku 4/11

There's a bottle of
Remy in the food photos
at the Chinese spot.

Haiku 4/12

Celebrated our
anniversary, watching
"Reno 911."

Haiku 4/13

My sister's moving
in a neighborhood over.
I made stuffed peppers.

Haiku 4/14

Sat in traffic for
four hours and I had an
allergy attack.

Haiku 4/15

My old band played a
reunion show in Richmond.
It was really fun.

Haiku 4/16

Lost my voice last night,
and spent the afternoon in
my parents' crawlspace.

Haiku 4/17

Went to a high school,
spoke to a class about zines.
Still freaked out by jocks.

Haiku 4/18

Pervert's holding up
nudie photos from his car.
I'm on the Greyhound.

Haiku 4/19

Left my phone at work,
then returned Matt's Metrocard.
Made two trips back.

Haiku 4/20

Dude, it's four-twenty!
I cleared the bong twice before
heading off to work.

Haiku 4/21

Pulled a skater punk
up through Bed-Stuy on my bike
on my way back home.

Haiku 4/22

Felt sick and sneezy.
Got Tigerbalm in my eye,
and watched "ATL."

Haiku 4/23

When the rain let up,
we rode bikes into Crown Heights
for some ital food.

Haiku 4/24

A little-known fact:
An hour of air hockey
is really tiring.

Haiku 4/25

Lew, Drew and me jumped
the Coney Island gun. Cheap
beer's back in my life.

Haiku 4/26

I dreamed I pissed blood.
That'll sure fuck up your day.
I blame the pollen.

Haiku 4/27

Know what I'm sick of?
Sneezing! Fucking sneezing! Ugh!
I'll run out of snot!

Haiku 4/28

Bar's got weak drinks, a
four dollar photo booth, and
dress shirts. I'm leaving.

Haiku 4/29

I played music with
Kareem, Myles and Marc today.
Good times, loud guitars.

Haiku 4/30

Blugh. Sat on my ass
doing extra freelance work.
Not much to report.

Friday, January 5, 2007

Order Gullible 27/Blurt 4 Split Issue From Microcosm

This is the newest issue of Gullible, and it's a split with Lew Houston's Blurt zine. Lew talks about booze the whole time, and I tell some tour stories, and some Richmond stories. We're both proud of it.

Cover art by Jamie Ewing. The image on the right is the cover of Lew's side.

While you're on Microcosm's website, check out some of the other dope zines and books that they sell. Good folks doing a good thing.

Microcosm Publishing