Thursday, September 6, 2007

2005 Haikus

Haiku 12/8/05

Fuck I hate my job.
Took bong hits, made a mixtape.
Went to bed early.

Haiku 12/9/05

X rocked at Roseland
while I was kissing my girlfriend
walking home real late.

Haiku 12/10/05

Emailing off my
Teaching Fellows Application
praying for cool work.

Haiku 12/11/05

Wrote a guitar song.
Drank with Michelle and Evan.
Nightmare about work

Haiku 12/12/05

In my writing class
Quang had some great suggestions
Had a cold ride home

Haiku 12/13/05

Lost my job today.
"Does that mean I don't have to
work here anymore?"

Haiku 12/14/05

Coffee and comics
Sending out my resume
Grillo's on a date!

Haiku 12/15/05

Stand-up comedy
Pizza place with take-out beer
Transit strike looming.

Haiku 12/16/05

Photobooth photos
of how I rode my bike home,
skinny legs 'n' all.

Haiku 12/17/05

To bed late, rise soon.
Hangover cures, band practice,
Chinexican food.

Haiku 12/18/05

Two hours upstate
for a museum and an
eerie restaurant.

Haiku 12/19/05

I'm breaking atoms,
Brooklyn to Koreatown,
yelling "Free James Brown!"

Haiku 12/20/05

Good ol' transit strike,
every day I ride my bike.
Nothing new for me.

Haiku 12/21/05

I like Wild Turkey,
shitty jokes, and my girlfriend,
all at the same time.

Haiku 12/22/05

Mac 'n' cheese, string beans,
got drunk, got nine hours of sleep,
still a worried man.

Haiku 12/23/05

Last day at my job,
didn't get into grad school,
what else could go wrong?

Haiku 12/24/05

Richmond, Virginia.
Barely just got home, don't know
why I'm bagging leaves.

Haiku 12/25/05

Senile relatives,
angry relatives, good times,
guitar talk and rain.

Haiku 12/26/05

Traffic's never bad
'til you get real close to home,
and sit for two hours.

Haiku 12/27/05

Don't tell my Mom, but,
when you buy drugs from your friends,
you can write a check.

Haiku 12/28/05

Boston's new and old.
The house I was born in is
blue like it was then.

Haiku 12/29/05

Goodbye to Boston.
Chinatown Dunkin' Donuts,
with half a head cold.

Haiku 12/30/05

Guitar Center, please,
fire the guy that said I look
like Brandon Fraser.

Haiku 12/31/05

Adios '05,
your boy can mix a perfect
Manhattan by eye.

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