Thursday, August 16, 2007

Notes On Gullible No. 26

Gullible Zine No. 26 was a split with Snake Pit No. 34. It came out in 2005 and Ben Snakepit did the cover art.

My side had three stories, some comics and some recipes. I'm posting the stories as I dig them off of my old computer, and am hoping to scan the comics and post them too.

These were some of the first zine stories that I had written in years. I spent most of the early oughts writing fiction for school, and touring a lot with my bands, living the stories that I'm still writing about. I started working on zine stories again in late '04, at a boring office job.

The Snake Pit side was a departure from Ben's usual daily comics. Instead, it was a series of stories and rants about love, friendship and punk. Due to the personal nature of some of the zine, Ben wanted his side to fall out of print. Instead of wondering at the dirt on all of his ex's, I suggest checking out some of his excellent comics

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