Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Gullible 26/Snake Pit 34 Split Reviewed In MRR In 2005

Reviewed by AS in Maximum Rock 'n' Roll in, if I remember right, the September '05 issue.

"Here we have a split between Snake Pit and Gullible. Ben Snakepit, whose awesome zine features scores and scores of three-paneled strips (each documenting one day of his life), shifts gears here and does his half with all writing, no comics. The result? Snakepit can hold his own without the aid of pictures, luring you in with tales of heartbreak and humor over which he reminisces while traveling Japan. His enthusiasm is infectious and his stories are a blast to read. C.T. Terry of Gullible zine tells some tour stories too, and adds some comics and a recipe for variety. This is a solidly written and produced zine. In fact it even has some graphic and aesthetic themes! Zine makers need to look at zines like this and pay close attention, maybe even take notes. Good stuff."

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James said...

I'm going to put this review up on neufutur.com in just a few hours (probably will crash out here in a few), but here's my take on your split with Lew.

Blurt #4 / Gullible #27 / $1 ($2PPD) / 48M / Lew Houston, 135 Wapwallopen Rd, Nescopeck, PA 18635 / Reviewed 10 March 2007
The split is about traveling and drinking. I am familiar with the work of Lew (Blurt!), but I have not familiarized myself with Chris (Gullible). Chris is linked more with the whole band dynamic, where Lew comes off as an individual that has been afflicted with wanderlust. I must say that I am jealous at all the places that both individuals go. As someone that collects 40 ounce bottles, I’m sure Lew has tapped through a few I don’t have. Anyways, each author has their own style. While the split is set up so that 24 pages are one zine and the other twenty-four pages (accessed by flipping over the zine) are the other, there seems to be a lot of unity between the two writers. While a number of splits seem to be working at different levels, Chris and Lew’s work during this split show that splits can work. While the drink-heavy of prose written by Lew can get a little tiring, eir writing during this issue has some of the funniest lines that I’ve read in zinedom this year. For example, there is just a page of things that individuals said to eir in order to make Lew remember what had happened during the last night. On the other hand, there is another high point of the zine in Chris’ side of the split, where ey points out a tip list for those individuals going out on the road (which I believe was reprinted in another zine, but the readership I believe is different between the two). Get a copy.
Rating: 7.0/10